[Namazu-users-en] Re: Namazu encoding Unix vs win32

Tadamasa Teranishi yw3t-trns at asahi-net.or.jp
Sun Jun 25 05:38:00 JST 2006

starr �� houston.rr.com wrote:
> > My first guess would be an encoding issue, perhaps unicode v. UTF8?
> > At least that would be my first guess.  The index files are data
> > files, not text files.  My next guess would be line-ending convention.
> That was my first guess, especially the CRLF line-ending,
> but before I went to hexdumps I thought perhaps
>  somebody had already dealt with it or I had
>  messed up a parameter.

There is a problem in the setting of the Web server if it operates 
normally in the command line. 
Encoding is compulsorily set by setting the Web server. 

The following one is being written in FAQ of Namazu (Only Japanese :). 

This is being written for Japanese. 
Please read it in a different way properly for English. 


* The retrieval result is garbled when retrieving it with namazu.cgi 
by a Japanese character string. 

The Web server is Apache, and to the configuration file

SetServerEncoding UTF-8 

The garble is caused with the setting. 

This is because namazu.cgi doesn't correspond to the input of UTF-8. 

SetServerEncoding EUC-JP 

Please operate. 

Please operate it with EUC-JP for other Web servers if there is 
a similar set item. 
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