[Namazu-users-en] Re: cgi.exe ignoring config file

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Thu Jun 1 09:32:37 JST 2006

Quoting Bryn Lewis <blewis at nps.org.au>:

> hi,
> A simple setup question.
> I have successfully setup namazu.cgi.exe to run in cgi-bin on apache (on
> windows). If I put the index in C:\namazu\var\namazu\index it is happy.
> I can't get namazu.cgi.exe to look for the index anywhere else, however.
> I have edited the config file (.namzurc) to :
> #Index         C:\namazu\var\namazu\x-index

This line is commented out (see that '#' at the beginning on the line?).
That leading hash mark means "this line is a comment".  So it's ignoring
your change.  Try creating an Index line that's not commented out:

Index            C:\namazu\var\namazu\x-index

(notice the lack of the leading hash mark)..

> (I have changed C:\namazu\var\namazu\index to
> C:\namazu\var\namazu\x-index to test putting the index elsewhere).
> I have also tried changing '.namazurc' to 'namazurc'
> .namazurc is in C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache2\cgi-bin, along
> with namazu.cgi.bin

You should keep it called .namazurc.  The file namazurc needs to live
in the "central" config location...  BUt I have no idea where that is
on Windows.

> any help appreciated, thanks, Bryn Lewis


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