[Namazu-users-en] cgi.exe ignoring config file

Bryn Lewis blewis at nps.org.au
Thu Jun 1 09:14:34 JST 2006


A simple setup question.

I have successfully setup namazu.cgi.exe to run in cgi-bin on apache (on 
windows). If I put the index in C:\namazu\var\namazu\index it is happy.

I can't get namazu.cgi.exe to look for the index anywhere else, however. 
I have edited the config file (.namzurc) to :

#Index         C:\namazu\var\namazu\x-index

(I have changed C:\namazu\var\namazu\index to 
C:\namazu\var\namazu\x-index to test putting the index elsewhere).

I have also tried changing '.namazurc' to 'namazurc'

.namazurc is in C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache2\cgi-bin, along 
with namazu.cgi.bin

any help appreciated, thanks, Bryn Lewis

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