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Moss, Patricia pmoss at fcg.com
Wed Feb 22 22:38:54 JST 2006

Unfortunately, I can not easily upgrade Namazu.  The server is in
production so I would have to schedule the upgrade. Does the upgrade
require mailman be shutdown?


>When mknmz is executed, and the index is changed, "Last Modified" 

>is renewed.

>(However, do not specify "Template" with namazurc etc.)


When I comment out "Template" in my .namazurc file; do I need to run
mknmz to make the change effective?



Pati Moss



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> "Moss, Patricia" wrote:


> I have Namazu  2.0.14 running on a linux CentOS 4.2 server.  I enabled

> a search field on the mailman archive screen.  That works fine.


Let's do the upgrade to Namazu 2.0.15 first. 

It corresponds to MailMan/Pipermail in Namazu 2.0.15. 


> However once the search is complete and you are taken to the results

> screen the "Last Modified" field never updates.  I can't seem to

> figure out where this gets picked up and how to make it automatically

> update. Any assistance is appreciated.


When mknmz is executed, and the index is changed, "Last Modified" 

is renewed.

(However, do not specify "Template" with namazurc etc.)



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