[Namazu-users-en] Re: What about images/EXIF ?

Gauthier Vandemoortele gauthier.v at skynet.be
Sun Dec 3 22:52:56 JST 2006

Le Sun  3 Dec, Tadamasa Teranishi m'a écrit:
> But, I think the failure in the installation of Image::Info or 
> IO::String. 
> How do it become it if the following command is executed?
> $ perl -e "use Image::Info;"
> $ perl -e "use IO::String;"

You're right: I've get some confusion about the IO::String module and
had choosen another module with a close name (String) in the Cpan

> need $DENY_FILE. The image file is included in $DENY_FILE in default 
> if it doesn't set it. 
> $DENY_FILE = ".*\\.tar\\.gz|core|.*\\.bak|.*~|\\..*|\x23.*";

Maybe I'm wrong, but I didn't noticed in the doc that it was a
default value if this variable was'nt set. Now it works. 

> First of all, because image.pl is not what Namazu Project made it, 
> the support is off the subject. 

So, more thanks ! I must say that I was a little disappointed when image.pl
finally worked, because the comments-fields in images were not indexed.
And I thought it was the more important !

So I looked inside image.pl and saw the next lines:

$$cont  = $info->{'file_media_type'};
$$cont .= " Size: " . $info->{'width'} . "x" . $info->{'height'};
$$cont .= " DateTimeOriginal: " . $info->{'DateTimeOriginal'} if ($info->{'D

And I simply add this one:

$$cont .= " Comment: " . $info->{'Comment'} if ($info->{'Comment'});

Now the comments are indexed  :-)
I hope that could help someone.

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