[Namazu-users-en] Re: namazu stopped working

NOKUBI Takatsugu knok at daionet.gr.jp
Sun Nov 27 12:20:00 JST 2005

At Fri, 25 Nov 2005 22:42:19 -0600,
Earl Hood wrote:
> Side note: I've had personal experience with problems of Namazu over
> NFS, causing index update problems and searching to not work.  If using
> NFS, make sure your systems are reliable.  Outages, network or system,
> could corrupt an index.

I got some reports some issue on smbfs, remote filesystem over windows
network. And another reason to make an index corruption is memory
fault. It would be check by memtest86+ <http://www.memtest.org>, but
it only works under i386 arch.
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