[Namazu-users-en] Re: some queries failing (cgi)

Earl Hood earl at earlhood.com
Sat Jun 18 05:49:08 JST 2005

On June 17, 2005 at 13:05, "Chad Leigh -- Shire.Net LLC" wrote:

> So we see it does not get past the tmp=strdup(str); line when str =  
> chad  . It seems to die in strdup as the cgi_output file ends  
> abruptly and we do not get any fprintf() from after the call

Could be memory allocation problem, or memory corruption.  Did
you get a core file?  Probably not because your coredumpsize limit
is probably 0.

Try running things under a debugger.

If you do not want to step through Apache code, you could modify
namazu.cgi to include a sleep call.  This way you have time to
attach to the process with the debugger.


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