[Namazu-users-en] Re: cfile_mtime in line 1852

Bhaskar tvkbhaskar at rediffmail.com
Thu Jun 16 13:20:42 JST 2005

thanks for your suggestion.
i could find that the file is not available for further processing.
Please find more details about the scenario.
I am using QMAIL as mail server in Linux Os. I am trying to index various mailboxes and provide search capability. mail server do have web interface for users to read the mail, reply, forward etc.

Namazu is modified a bit to run continuously for various mailboxes in sequence. It is observed that the mail filename is 1118837080.5433.abc.com,S=3719:2, while reading all the files in the directory. By the time control comes to pickup_updated_documents, web mail user has read the mail and the file name has become 1118837080.5433.abc.com,S=3719:2,S
Pls note the addition of the last character in the filename meaning which it has been READ. There can also be instance the filename may get appended with 'SR' meaning which the file has been read and replied.

How can i handle such a situation.

Additions done in namazu can be posted back to the community. Let me know how can i do that.


On Wed, 15 Jun 2005 Tadamasa Teranishi wrote :
>Bhaskar wrote:
> >
> > Sometimes, I am getting null value for the
> > variable cfile_mtime present in line number 1852 of mknmz.
> >
> > Would like to know under what situation this can happen and how this
> > will impact the indexing. Will indexing provide wrong result because
> > of this.
>Was not the file deleted while executing mknmz?
>(It might be another reason if sometimes generated. )
>To our regret, the reason why the problem occurs is not understood in
>information only on this.
>The 1852 line number of mknmz is as follows.
>             my $cfile_mtime = (stat($cfile))[9];
>Please add and execute the following block after 1852 lines number
>of mknmz.
>unless ($cfile_mtime) {
>     if (-f $cfile) {
>         print STDERR "FOUND $cfile .\n";
>     } else {
>         print STDERR "NOT FOUND $cfile .\n";
>     }
>Something might be understood from this result.
>According to circumstances, the index might be destroyed.
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