[Namazu-users-en] Can't open index file

Vasilios Dimos vdimos at gmail.com
Mon Jan 31 17:29:54 JST 2005

I am trying to use namazu inorder to search a local intranet. I am
using 2.0.12 right now, and i can get it to work from the commandline.
I have troubles though running namazu as a cgi script. I have copied
the namazurc-sample, and renamed it into .namazurc into the cgi-bin
directory of the server, but i am still getting the following message
when trying to search for something.

References: [ (can't open the index) ]

No document matching your query.

Here is the namazurc file entries relevant to the index..
## Index: Specify the default directory.
Index         /var/www/namazu_index
(this is the only thing uncommented in the file)

Has anyone any idea, whats going on?

P.S.: namazu.cgi and namazurc are chmoded into 755..


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