[Namazu-users-en] Re: [Fwd: Bad description of query result]

Earl Hood earl at earlhood.com
Mon Aug 29 05:22:56 JST 2005

On August 28, 2005 at 11:32, namazu-users-en at namazu.org wrote:

> I add some mboxs files to one MHonArc arcive and then index it using one 
> mknmz command.
> Using the "mknmz --mhonarc" option for index.
> The index  contains  30,000  documents and  900,000  keywords.
> The problem is that description of the documents matching my query is 
> wong except of the date and the url.
> It display another mail description instead.
> The URL link to the right email.

What version of Perl are you using?  Do any of your messages contain
non-ASCII characters/encodings?

You may want to look at past discussion on this list.  For example:

I'm currently running a patched version of namazu based on what
I posted to avoid the problems I have encountered.

I never got any clear indication from Namazu developers if any
patch will be applied to future releases or not.  If not, I will
have to continuely patch newer releases each time or seriously
consider moving to a different search indexer.


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