[Namazu-users-en] Re: html data not indexed in text/html mails

Yukio USUDA usuda at hsba.go.jp
Wed Aug 3 21:32:48 JST 2005

swati wrote:

> I have a mail server, where I get pure text/html mails also. I have 
> installed and am using namazu-1.0.14 on it for indexing and searching. 
> The server has  Linux OS.
> I just found out that namazu does not index the html part of these 
> text/html mails, but it considers the data other than the html data in 
> the mail. Going through the mailnews.pl, I found out that the content 
> type text/html is not handled there.
> I tried to make some changes and make it handle text/html also. But it 
> still doesnt.
> Can anyone help me out on this.

namazu-2.0.14 bypasses attached files and multipart entities when indexing 
namazu-2.0.15 will support to index the multipart entities. It is next 
release feature.
You can try namazu 2.0.15 prerelease version.
Keep in mind that a prerelease version has not been through exhaustive testing.

To handle Attached base64 bodies, MIME::Base64 and MIME::QuotedPrint are 
required.(perl5.8 contains them.)
And mknmz require --decode-base64 option when handling multipart entities.


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