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I am new to using Namazu and have just installed (version-2.0.13) on my  
server. I have three questions regarding how '../template/NMZ.head' and  
'../template/NMZ.foot' display information.
When '../template/NMZ.head' displays information regarding numbers of  
documents and keywords for a particular search database mine shows "0" for  each 
field. Does the HTML code support automatic updating from a file  somewhere, or 
is this information meant to be manually inserted into the HTML  code?
I have the same basic question regarding the "last modified:" date field  in 
'../template/NMZ.head' as well? Mine just display "date" there.
In the '../template/NMZ.foot' template where it is supposed to display  the 
current version of this search engine v 2.0.13 mine displays just "v"  

Of course what I have done is to simply insert the above required  
information manually into the HTML code and made a few other cosmetic changes  to those 
templates. Am I on the wrong track here or what?

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Please disregard the above request for help, it was premature. After  digging 
through the files I now realized how Namazu handles the template  files 
during installation. Now I am editing my templates in the correct  location for 
updating when running "mknmz" to build a new search databases.  :-)

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