[Namazu-users-en] Re: Will Namazu search and display php and other things I want hidden

Earl Hood earl at earlhood.com
Fri Sep 24 09:55:13 JST 2004

On September 23, 2004 at 14:08, "Steve Hasz" wrote:

> One of the guys who does website work for me said that he didn't want to us
> Namazu because he said:
> > Namazu might not be right for us.  With dynamic pages such as PHP, you
> > need a web based spider, not a file based spider like Namazu.  As an
> > example, we don't want the spider to look at the code in any of the
> > files.  We only want it to search the visible text on a page.
> Does this make sense?  Namazu just seemed so right for ease of use and small
> resource usage.

I believe it is doable if the PHP page hierarchy reflects the file system
hierarchy so namazu can properly translate file pathnames to URLs in
search results.

Also, a PHP filter will need to be hooked in so it can strip out the
PHP code from the files before the data is indexed.  The filters are
written in Perl, so it should not be too difficult to develop one.


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