[Namazu-users-en] mknmz hangs

fuerst at gmx.li fuerst at gmx.li
Thu Jun 3 00:31:32 JST 2004


Hope there are already members in this list. Unfortunately I'm not able to
crawl to older mails at the moment of the list so I ask the a question maybe
already discussed.

Short: mknmz hangs! I moved a lot of data on a new host and want to recreate
my database now. But mknmz hangs after some files. At the first run it hung
at file 30'112, after this I just made a restart and now it hangs since a
long time at file 11627. Totally are 60'000 files to index. 
Now, what can I do? It seems not the file is causing the problem, because
the it is indexing now (or better: not) was indexed in the first run (but
because auf ctrl-c the databse was broken so it started from scratch). 
Is is maybe a good idea to exclude some dircetories in the first run, and
take them e.g. in the second? So I can spilt the total amount of data? It
takes a long time to index and it is frustrating when it fails after 30
hours indexing. 

thank you for your reply and keep up the good work



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