[Namazu-users-en] namazu.cgi error with Apache & mharc

Gavin Hill Gavin.Hill at za.didata.com
Wed Aug 11 20:30:39 JST 2004

I'm trying to get mharc to archive my mailman mailing lists.  It's
working fine, but when I try and use the search functionality provided
by namazu I get the following errors:
[Wed Aug 11 11:42:46 2004] [error] [client]
/home/archive/archives/cgi-bin/namazu.cgi: Symbol `NMZ' has different
size in shared object, consider re-linking, referer:

[Wed Aug 11 11:42:46 2004] [error] [client] Premature end of
script headers: namazu.cgi, referer:

I know that namazu.cgi is running OK as if I hit the search button with
an empty search string I get the usage instructions.   So I don't think
it's related to Apache CGI restrictions/permissions.
Can anyone help shed any light on my problem please?
Gavin Hill
Business Development Manager - IP Convergence
Dimension Data
Tel: +27-11-575-1439
Fax: +27-11-576-1439
Cell: +27-83-601-8181

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