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Tadamasa Teranishi yw3t-trns @ asahi-net.or.jp
2006年 1月 24日 (火) 00:06:52 JST


Namazu 2.0.13 以降の ChangLog を編集すると、400 行ぐらいになって
しまうので、それを NEWS に書くのも何なんで、ざくっと削って以下の

Overview of Changes in Namazu 2.0.15 - Jan. 29, 2006

* The mistake of the document concerning ISO-8859-* is corrected.
* RedHat software namazu.spec was taken in.
  The unnecessary patch was deleted.
* Include File::MMagic 1.25.
* Support MeCab.
* Add -b and --use-mecab options for mknmz.
* Add --norc option for mknmz and namazu.
* Add --decode-base64 option for mknmz.
* Add new filters (Gnumeric, Koffice, Mainman/Pipermail, Zip, Visio).
* Add new directives for mknmzrc (MECAB, DENY_DDN).
  To skip when filename is DDN.
* Add sorting function by date of field.
* $SYSTEM It changes into $English::OSNAME.
* Added new files (nmzcat, nmzegrep).
* Adapt new filter programs (wvWare 1.0.3, xlhtml 0.5.1, xpdf 3.01).
* For Windows of filter (msword.pl, excel.pl, powerpoint.pl,
  postscript.pl, etc...).
* Ole filter renewal.
* ';' can have been used for the delimiter of QUERY_STRING.
* Add the Perl version test program (pltests).
* Fix some bugs.

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