[Namazu-devel-en] Re: trying to cross-compile namazu-2.0.16 with arm-gcc-2.95.3

Paul Mansfield paul.mansfield at worldpay.com
Tue Nov 28 19:05:19 JST 2006

Paul Mansfield wrote:
> search.c: In function `prefix_match':
> search.c:181: warning: implicit declaration of function `_nmz_memcmp'

I found a work-round for the problem.... when I'd done "./configure
--host=arm", namazu put an entry into config.h to define memcmp as

I hacked the config file entry and then it compiled and built ok because
the target cross-build does have a working memcmp

I've now got a working zaurus namazu binary, and it works pretty well.
FYI, here's where I posted the results:

thanks for a great software package!


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