[Namazu-cvs 292] /storage/cvsroot/namazu: * scripts/mknmz.in(require_modules): The...

opengl2772 cvsd @ namazu.org
2005年 9月 22日 (木) 01:06:45 JST

Log Message:
* scripts/mknmz.in(require_modules): The command line option of
ChaSen was added. (-i e)

* configure.in: Addition of option (-i e) of ChaSen. and,
The escape character is changed for Windows.

Update of /storage/cvsroot/namazu

Main Trunk
 ChangeLog: 1.1322 -> 1.1323
 configure.in: 1.165 -> 1.166
 scripts/mknmz.in: 1.155 -> 1.156

cvs rdiff -r1.1322 -r1.1323 namazu/ChangeLog
cvs rdiff -r1.165 -r1.166 namazu/configure.in
cvs rdiff -r1.155 -r1.156 namazu/scripts/mknmz.in

/storage/cvsroot/namazu/ChangeLog 1.1323 996d03f21be5a6a919dc840ea625852c
/storage/cvsroot/namazu/configure.in 1.166 204784fb29b955b413a07839b876f987
/storage/cvsroot/namazu/scripts/mknmz.in 1.156 22555b6d3c24094de49795adf63258c6

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