[Namazu-cvs 328] /storage/cvsroot/namazu: * src/form.c(get_select_name): It correc...

opengl2772 cvsd @ namazu.org
2005年 10月 14日 (金) 09:37:12 JST

Log Message:
* src/form.c(get_select_name): It corrected it because there was
a bug that was not able to be selected when another tag was
written between the option tag and the option tag.

Update of /storage/cvsroot/namazu

Main Trunk
 ChangeLog: 1.1344 -> 1.1345
 src/form.c: 1.78 -> 1.79

cvs rdiff -r1.1344 -r1.1345 namazu/ChangeLog
cvs rdiff -r1.78 -r1.79 namazu/src/form.c

/storage/cvsroot/namazu/ChangeLog 1.1345 00240d237e80126a4b3e51b1e41d4cef
/storage/cvsroot/namazu/src/form.c 1.79 ea1ca9bc29cc75651d6dc99aef40929d

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