[Namazu-cvs 323] /storage/cvsroot/namazu: * src/namazu-cgi.c: "namazu.h" was delet...

opengl2772 cvsd @ namazu.org
2005年 10月 12日 (水) 04:18:46 JST

Log Message:
* src/namazu-cgi.c: "namazu.h" was deleted and because include
had been done twice, one was deleted.

* pl/wakati.pl(wakatize_japanese_sub): ChaSen, Kakasi, MeCab
is called excluding the one-byte character.

* scripts/mknmz.in: It undergoes plastic operation on the text
in front of do_wakatigaki.

* configure.in: Bumped version number to to 2.0.15pre2.

Update of /storage/cvsroot/namazu

Branch: stable-2-0
 src/namazu-cgi.c: ->
 pl/wakati.pl: ->
 scripts/mknmz.in: ->
 configure.in: ->

cvs rdiff -r1.16.8.8 -r1.16.8.9 namazu/src/namazu-cgi.c
cvs rdiff -r1.9.8.5 -r1.9.8.6 namazu/pl/wakati.pl
cvs rdiff -r1.85.4.66 -r1.85.4.67 namazu/scripts/mknmz.in
cvs rdiff -r1.137.4.66 -r1.137.4.67 namazu/configure.in

/storage/cvsroot/namazu/src/namazu-cgi.c 0967ddb8862a4a41a37806c7de753e78
/storage/cvsroot/namazu/pl/wakati.pl e3141277d721d02ed7212dcc74aaa7db
/storage/cvsroot/namazu/scripts/mknmz.in 9afe217dc0a94d4b5986ec762dbf4372
/storage/cvsroot/namazu/configure.in c1386b528dae60db0b1be68d66630460

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