[Namazu-cvs 145] /storage/cvsroot/namazu: * pl/conf.pl.in ($ALLOW_FILES): Added ex...

opengl2772 cvsd @ namazu.org
2004年 11月 1日 (月) 21:56:45 JST

Log Message:
* pl/conf.pl.in ($ALLOW_FILES): Added extensions of Visio.
* pl/{gfilter.pl, nmzidx.pl}:
  $SYSTEM It changes into $English::OSNAME. $perlver It changes
  into $English::PERL_VERSION. $^T It changes into $English::BASETIME.
* pl/nmzidx.pl: When gcnmz was performed to the directory without
  an index file, the bug to which a temporary file is left behind
  was corrected. (new namazu-devel-ja#123)

Update of /storage/cvsroot/namazu

Branch: stable-2-0
 ChangeLog: 1.837.4.473 -> 1.837.4.474
 pl/nmzidx.pl: ->
 pl/gfilter.pl: ->
 pl/conf.pl.in: ->

cvs rdiff -r1.837.4.473 -r1.837.4.474 namazu/ChangeLog
cvs rdiff -r1.13.4.5 -r1.13.4.6 namazu/pl/nmzidx.pl
cvs rdiff -r1.1.2.4 -r1.1.2.5 namazu/pl/gfilter.pl
cvs rdiff -r1.33.4.11 -r1.33.4.12 namazu/pl/conf.pl.in

/storage/cvsroot/namazu/ChangeLog 1.837.4.474 49c7769433d1e6d4a5ba2c6c4481cb69
/storage/cvsroot/namazu/pl/nmzidx.pl 8a002f8615fea7dfe101a640a866ca45
/storage/cvsroot/namazu/pl/gfilter.pl 6eb04d53c87f342fee07542c80388f3b
/storage/cvsroot/namazu/pl/conf.pl.in 54b3b66e47e78e3e81bc195b4d8c01e1

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