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opengl2772 cvsd @ namazu.org
2004年 7月 23日 (金) 04:08:57 JST

Log Message:
* scripts/mknmz.in(get_total_keys, get_total_files): NMZ.status
Even if the comma is contained in the value of files and keys,
it corresponds so that it may be OK.

Update of /storage/cvsroot/namazu/scripts

Main Trunk
 mknmz.in: 1.141 -> 1.142

cvs rdiff -r1.141 -r1.142 namazu/scripts/mknmz.in

/storage/cvsroot/namazu/scripts/mknmz.in 1.142 ca604627e694beeb11c5e9b316aba22e

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