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Donna Parrish donna @ multilingual.com
2004年 10月 7日 (木) 07:06:20 JST


"MultiLingual Computing & Technology" magazine is the leading publication
for the translation, localization, Web globalization and language technology
industry. We consider it our responsibility to provide information to our
readers on what tools, technologies and services are available in these

To that end, we maintain a "resources" section on our website at
http://www.multilingual.com/industryResources. We'd like to see KAKASI
Project listed with the over 1,200 companies in this searchable database.
There is absolutely no charge for the listing.

Simply provide us with a brief description of your company's multilingual
products and services using our on-line form at

Once you have a current listing on our site, you are eligible for a free
line listing in our next annual Resource Directory, which is distributed
throughout the year in printed and PDF form.

To show our appreciation for adding your company to our resources on
www.multilingual.com, you will receive a free half-year trial subscription
to the magazine. Upcoming topics include the medical and automotive
industries, and the Middle East.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to learning more about your company.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Donna Parrish

P.S. If you would prefer not to receive e-mail from us in the future, please
let me know.

Donna Parrish
MultiLingual Computing, Inc.
319 North First Avenue, Sandpoint, ID  83864 USA
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donna @ multilingual.com     http://www.multilingual.com
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