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Re: Malformed UTF-8 character ...

Earl Hood wrote:
> > You Instead of "en_US.UTF-8" You have to set "C".
> >
> > probably "LC_ALL" or "LC_CTYPE" etc. It is en_US.UTF-8.
> > Please set up LC_ALL=C and use mknmz.
> Is there any drawback of including the "use bytes" pragma to
> avoid this problem?  

Since it is not tested at all, it may have a fault.
8-bit character sequence It is the basis of the assumption "ja_JP.*" 
and is made.

Besides, it is etc. The 8-bit character sequence 
(EUC-JP) is used.

Now We recommend you to use "C" strongly.

> Is there a need to support older versions
> of perl that do not support the pragma?

In however, that case "eval" could be used.

  eval 'use byte';
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