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Re: namazu applying to ClearDDTS

Hi Tadamasa,

We modified your example and now everything works. Thanks for your sample filter.

All the best to Namazu team members.


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From: Leung Alex-r60005 [mailto:R60005@xxxxxxxxxxxx] 
Sent: Tuesday, April 20, 2004 6:27 PM
To: namazu-users-en@xxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: namazu applying to ClearDDTS

Dear Tadamasa,

Sorry to bother you again.

Your perl example is excellent! With that I can get the following web summary: 1. testing by alex (again) (score: 70) 
For enhancement requests, please briefly describe the enhancement you are about to implement. ===================================================================== For bug records, please describe st 
(3,312 bytes)

However, it still need one more thing. Before I applied the change, i can see some URL link near the bottom of each summary, the example is:

But now the URL disappear!
(the bug id WCDsh03036 can be retrieved as the string after "Start:" in the previously attached bug report sample.)

Can you kindly help us to implement such a URL string, and make it show on the summary page?

Thanks for your excellent support and perl expertise.


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From: Tadamasa Teranishi [mailto:yw3t-trns@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
Sent: Tuesday, April 20, 2004 1:52 PM
To: namazu-users-en@xxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: namazu applying to ClearDDTS

Leung Alex-r60005 wrote:
> I have hereby enclosed a raw sample ClearDDTS bug report plain text 
> file.


> Basically, what I want to archieve is to have the
> title field set to the text after "Headline:"
> also, I would like to set the summary field to text after 
> "Related-file::Added 040105 by r60005:: Problem". And I want to show 
> this field in the summary result.

A clearDDTS sample filter is appended.

Although it may differ from what you desire, please make the filter 
which converts and wishes to have this filter.
TADAMASA TERANISHI                   e-mail:yw3t-trns@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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