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Re: Problem with Search Indexing List

On July 31, 2002 at 12:08, George Crum wrote:

> Warning: Non-zero exit status returned from "/usr/local/bin/mknmz --mhonarc
> -f /home/mharc/cgi-bin/mknmzrc -T /home/mharc/cgi-bin/template -O
> /home/mharc/html/test -Y /home/mharc/html/test/2002-07": 11
> Warning: Stale "/home/mharc/html/test/NMZ.lock2", removing it
> But it does not index the files that it finds in the html/test directory.
> I'm also getting this in log/cron.log:
> Use of uninitialized value in substitution (s///) at
> /usr/local/share/namazu/filter/ line 108, <GEN5> line 2.
> Warning: Non-zero exit status returned from "/usr/local/bin/mknmz --mhonarc
> -f /home/mharc/cgi-bin/mknmzrc -T /home/mharc/cgi-bin/t
> emplate -O /home/mharc/html/test -Y --quiet /home/mharc/html/test/2002-07":
> 11
> Warning: Stale "/home/mharc/html/test/NMZ.lock2", removing it

Giggle, after informing you about moving your discussion to mharc-users,
you now post a message that is really a problem with namazu :-P
Hence I am cross-posting the namazu-users list on my response since
I think your post is relevant to both lists.

First, what version of Namazu are you using?

The problem you are experiencing is something I experienced while doing
a small contract for someone.  The problem is caused by an assumption
in the filter in namazu when processing mhonarc message files.
Some of the code relies on the default message header formatting of
MHonArc.  However, in mharc, the common.mrc changes this to a table.
This causes problems.

There was some discussion on the namazu-user's list about fixing in namazu and to have it key of the special <!--X-... -->
comments in message files to extract message header information.
I do believe a namazu developer did some changes, but it may only
be within the namazu CVS tree (but I just looked at it does not look
like the changes are in CVS).  I recommended to extract the message-id
from the comments, but I do not know if it has been done.  Right now,
message-id searching will not work on mhonarc archives :-(

Because of mknmz crapping out, early on, I coded up mharc to watch for
this (within the web-archive script) so mharc can continue to work on
other archives if mknmz fails.

I do not know what exactly cause mknmz to crap out, since it does
not happen all the time.  If you have the raw mail for your test archive,
you could zip it up and send it to me and I can try to see if I
can reproduce the problem.  However, I hope the namazu developers are
interested in diagnosing the problem also.