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Problem with searching on roman numerals and enclosed numbers

Hi All,

I'm trying to search enclosed numbers, (i.e  1 enclosed in a circle, 2 enclosed in a circle like ??? etc.) and roman numbers (like  ?? etc.) using Namazu 2.0.12 (with chasen 2.3.3 and kakasi 2.3.3) from a .pdf and .txt file.

The OS is Solaris 2.8 and locale is set to ja (through LC_ALL and LANG).

The search result is coming as 0, though Namazu is able to search other Japanese characters from the same file.

Any clue why Namzu is not able to search for those characters ?

However, please note that those Enclosed numbers and Roman numbers are supported by eucJP encoding in Solaris in the character range 0xada1 to 0xadfe (Vendor Defined Characters).