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Re: Error while creating indexes on pdf files

"Navneet Saraogi"  wrote:

> I've installed Namazu 2.0.12 on a solaris machine. I've added the
> following two folders to the PATH environment variable-
> 	1. namazu/bin
> 	2. namazu/share/namazu/filter
> When I run the mknmz command to create indexes on pdf files, the error I
> get is 'unsupported media type'

> Eventhough the folder filter is displayed as the 'FILTERDIR'
> application/pdf is not displayed as a supported media type. Why is this
> happening?
> Can anyone explain the process of creating indexes on pdf files...

When to create idexes on pdf files, mknmz requires pdf2text.

pdf2text is not included Namazu package.

You must install xpdf from the Xpdf site.

Visit to

Please read manual page.