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Re: smbfs, mp3, and system() call

In article <3ZB9NJ0521ROOM42C775LK08HEA1XUT.3c9903e3@flocky>
luc@xxxxxxx writes:

>> I tried to index a smb mounted directory,
>> but mknmz failed to traverse any directory.
>> It stop indexing at the first directory level.

I had got such reports. It should be filesystem's issue. Hideyuki
SHIRAI was suggested to set the following line in mknmzrc.

$File::Find::dont_use_nlink = 1;  

>> I use namazu 2.0.10 with my own made mp3 filter (see attached)
>> I used mp3 tools from Matthew Sachs
>> wich uses MP3::Info modules from CPAN
>> and want you to know about, and do whatever you want with
>> I can write little note if you want to include it in distribution....

That's great. I had thougt such filter, but I could't write it because
I have a little time.

However, ... the filter is not GPL license. To include distribution,
it must need GPL compliant license. Is the BEER License is GPL
compliant? Or just a joke?

>> You might also have a look at the sub backslah_shellchars in,
>> to include it in . Because there might be a bug in
>> wich affect the system() call ( filter/ line 71 ) that may
>> be exploitable with a evily crafted filename, to execute arbitary code on system...
>> you might want to consider using backslah_shellchars on $cfile before sending it to
>> system() . It might also be exploitable on

Oops, that's bad. I'll try to fix it. Thank you.
NOKUBI Takatsugu
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