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Re: client/server module and other wishes

On Wed, Sep 26, 2001, Olivier Thereaux wrote:
> I wanted to use namazu as a back-end (calling it from a script which
> re-builds a query namazu understands), but if I do this, All I get is:
> 	You should use "namazu.cgi" instead of "namazu" command.
> Is there a work-around?


"namazu-cmd.c", line 312:
    if (getenv("QUERY_STRING") && getenv("SCRIPT_NAME")) {

What about 
    if (getenv("QUERY_STRING") && strcomp (getenv("SCRIPT_NAME"), "/cgi-bin/namazu")) {

or something like that.`

Not perfect, but this piece of code is mostly useless because people
don't use namazu directly form a cgi, unless voluntarily, and then this
code is an annoyance.