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Out of memory (namazu-bugs-en#7)

Full_Name: Leon Collins
Version: namazu of Namazu 2.0.5
OS: OSF1 V5.1 732 alpha
Submission from: (NULL) (

Hi Guys:
        I haven't heard from anyone of you guys in a over a week now.  I still 
haven't result the out of memory problem yet and I tried all the fix you guys 
recommended.  I think the problem lies in how many files Namazu can index.  I
no problem indexing a directory that lets say has less than 100,000 files but
the files count goes a little (I haven't narrowed down the exact count) above a

100,000 files I get the out of memory error.  The machine I'm using has plenty
memory (562m free).  Also, changing the variable contained in "mknmzrc" Namazu
when indexing doesn't seem to have an effect on the speed of which namazu
indexes a 
directory.  Could these problems I'm having be bugs in the program itself?