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Sary - anoter search engine (Re: Namazu3)


Ryuji Abe <raeva@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> Is the development of v3 open? I would be interested in getting involved.
>> Do you have a contact or web site?
>You can get the Namazu3 code via anonymous cvs.
>Here's now:
>However Namazu3 development is still very early stage.
>The design goals are:

Sorry, I've been suspended Namazu 3.0 development
temporarily but developing anoter search engine called Sary
instead.  Sary employs Suffix Array as the data structure.

Sary is a search engine suitable for searching a huge text
file rather than searching a number of text files. Please
visit <>.

For finding out what Sary can do and what cannot do, FAQ
<> may be helpful. I
recommend you to get the latest version via CVS.

Suffix Array will be partly used in Namazu 3.0 for fast
index updating. It's planned but not implemented yet. Please
be patient. :-)

-- Satoru Takabayashi